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08.08.08” an exceptionnel date in our millennium! Among other remarkable series this one is particularly important to the Chinese tradition. The opening day of the Beijing olympique games is truly auspicious for athletes and… weddings.

Some lucky ... some not

Superstition, very alive in that culture, has promoted the number “8” to a key symbol of luck. Its power as an “amulet” it linked to a banal homophony with the word ” wealth (“Ba”/” Fa”). The figure “4” on its side, is strongly avoided and pays a tribut to its phonic resemblance with “death” (“si”). The strength of such symbols can be measured in economic terms, as high amounts may be paid to acquire lucky numbers. Car plates, driving licences, mobile phone numbers as well as house addresses or auspicious bank accounts are particularly thought after. Another example of this powerful figure is the majestic “Jin Mao” tower in Shanghai (Hyatt hotel), with its 88 stories.

Ostensibly displayed series of “8s” are status symbols. The number “4”, on the other hand, is often removed from series and elevator plates. Westerners are amused about eastern attachment to numerology. In the west rationalism and the fading out of traditions has erased many superstitions. “Friday the 13th ” however… and in many buildings the 13th floor is also avoided. The “7” often has a positive connotation whereas ” 666″ does still impresses the initiated. Beliefs in the power of numbers have there roots in a religious or phonic context. References and meanings vary drastically with places, cultures and languages, highlighting how irrational they are. However, this evidence does not shake convictions, deeply anchored in popular traditions.

Fostering luck with a handful of “8s” is probably impossible. Nevertheless, the possession of an “expensive” good omen

number is an outstanding social symbol. Avoiding dreaded figures is just its antithesis!


Some doubts … maybe!

This article is quoted from “The Epoch Times” (May 20th, 2008,)

“What Does the Auspicious Number 8 Portend for China?”

The following is making the rounds these days in Chinese internet chat rooms.

The number 8 is a lucky number in Chinese culture. That is why the Beijing Olympics chose to start at 8 p.m. on August 8 (8/8/08). Here is what has happened this year.

1/25 brought a giant snow storm, a disaster from the sky.

3/14 brought the suppression in Tibet, a disaster from humans.

5/12 brought the earth quake, a disaster from the ground.

1+2+5 = 8

3+1+4 = 8

5+1+2 = 8

8/8/08 is date for the Olympics.

The 5/12 earthquake is 88 days away from the Olympic date of 8/8/08.

In Chinese culture, numbers in the calendar are often used in prophecy.

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